Patent Litigation

Our firm was built on its expertise in patent litigation.  

Since its founding in 2009, the firm has successfully represented leading companies in patent disputes at all levels of court in Canada. In addition to our litigation expertise, our lawyers have scientific backgrounds, and detailed knowledge of patent law, including damages quantifications and accounting of profits analyses.  We understand technology and we know how to protect your rights in complex patent disputes. We are careful, methodical, creative, and practical.  

We have been counsel on a number of landmark patent cases in Canada. We have represented companies in enforcing patents and defending allegations of patent infringement. Our cases have involved some of the most important products for our clients, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in value.

We know how to prepare and present a case for the best chance of success at trial, and on appeal.

If you are or may be involved in patent litigation in Canada, please speak with one of our lawyers.