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The technology and pharmaceutical sectors are fiercely competitive and highly reliant upon intellectual property work carried out at the research and development stage. When a patent is granted to an inventor, this property right gives the innovator the right to exclude others from manufacturing, using, importing or commercializing the invention.

The potential for other companies free riding on the initial R&D costs borne by an innovating firm, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, is too great to navigate without proper legal representation given the lengthy, expensive, uncertain and risky research and development process. Consequently, identifying, safeguarding and taking advantage of these intellectual property rights are extremely vital to our clients’ success.

Disputes over patents are deceptively complex and this complexity is compounded by different courts treating violations in somewhat conflicting ways, as well as by inhibiting the release of confidential information needed to prove a violation.

Whether your company is a start-up, in the initial stages of development, financing preclinical trials, on the brink of commercialization, or a multi-national company with a patent dispute, our scientifically-educated lawyers understand the challenges you face in successfully bringing products to market. We advise clients on pharmaceutical regulations, biologics, life cycle issues, data protection, settlement negotiations and patent litigation, including patent infringement actions, patent impeachment actions and proceedings under the Patented Medicine (Notice of Compliance) Regulations and Patented Medicine Prices Review Board.

Belmore Neidrauer LLP’s litigation team is highly knowledgeable about the process of development, testing and commercialization of biopharmaceutical products and their entire life cycle. We have a proven record of success and have been lead counsel on landmark patent litigation cases involving a wide variety of pharmaceuticals. If another party is infringing on your patent, or is accusing you of infringing on theirs, please speak with one of our IP lawyers today.

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